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No overpass, but there's a crosswalk at the intersection of Shawan and McCormick Roads. Unfortunately it's on the opposite side of McCormick from the hotels in question, and McCormick itself doesn't have a convenient place to cross on the north side. Nor are there any proper sidewalks along Shawan, so you mostly have to go through the hotel parking lots. Ideally, if you're a first-timer, find an experienced congoer to guide you.

On my first Shore Leave, I'd come overnight by Greyhound and was lugging a heavy old unwheeled suitcase around, and I was exhausted and got lost trying to find the hotel, and when I finally spotted it I was on the wrong side of Shawan. In my exhaustion and stupidity, I jaywalked across Shawan to get to the hotel, and I was lucky that I didn't get hit by a car.
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