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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

ORAC I see no cause for alarm. From the design and construction patterns it would appear that the defence zones have been built up very gradually over a long period of time. My conclusion is that they are merely precautionary rather than a response to some specific threat.
JENNA Well if there's no threat why bother with precautions?
ORAC If the resources are available to eliminate even the vaguest threat, it would seem logical to do so.
VILA I'd agree with that. What do you call a vague threat?
ORAC A contact, er, sometime in the past, either a communication or a physical contact.
VILA A physical contact?
ORAC A scoutship, perhaps.
VILA A scoutship, perhaps! Like that one down on the surface now, perhaps! ]
Just because the mine field is controlled by Star One currently, it doesn’t mean it always was. And Vila’s making a bit of a leap to connect Orac’s vague notion of a scoutship in the past with what’s on the planet.

Dawn of the Gods is a bit meh, it’s not terrible, and it has its moments (Avon’s battle for the suit, Vila’s “I’m in hell and it’s full of Avons” line, Tarrant’s clever description of Orac) but I don’t find it that memorable.

Harvest of Kairos though, stupid though it is, I absolutely love. “Woman, you are beautiful!” Jarvik is both terrible and brilliant at the same time, though I’m not sure about suggesting that even Servalan secretly wants to be dominated, I think it does devalue her a little.

City at the Edge of the World is another favourite of mine which isn’t surprising given Vila’s always been my favourite character. Personally I think Colin was better suited to the role of Bayban than he ever was to that of the Doctor, and he and Keating bounce off each other well. Know what you mean about Keril though, she gives up the day job far too quickly, though it is good to see Vila score with a pretty girl.

I don’t think the ship’s arrival on Vila World is that fortuitous? I thought it’d been their ages but had malfunctioned meaning people thought they couldn’t get out even though they could as Vila and Keril did?

Tarrant is a git, which makes him interesting at least, and the spiky dynamic between him and Avon is good to watch, if only because unlike with Blake he doesn’t respect Tarrant, although the flipside is that Avon probably likes Tarrant more from the perspective that at least he’s as mercenary as he is. Avon’s comment that Vila is far more useful than Tarrant’s good as well: although Vila’s usefulness is sometimes outweighed quite literally by his weight of course

Gotta love that last exchange between Vila and Orac as well
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