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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7


Not a bad little stand alone, even if the main baddie is barely used or seen. Avon trying to get into a space suit as they're flying into the black hole is odd, though not as bad as Tarrant's line about they should all die together. Orac is on form in this episode, wanting to explore the black hole rather than worry about their own safety. The footage of the crew avoiding the shopping trolley with teeth is daft. The new standing set of the crew quarters is reused again in this episode as the medical unit. Nice to see the old defense mechanism from Space Fall, although with such a good continuity nod I would've thought Crandor being in the 12th Sector might've also generated a mention of the System. Interesting FX shot at the end; Crandor's destruction is an unused FX shot of the Liberator exploding - was it supposed to be used in the unseen version of Star One? Or a really early unused shot from Orac/Redemption? One of the few episodes where the teleport isn't used at all.


Despite the poor production values of the beasts and the bizarre choice for the ship on Kairos (a 1000 year old Lunar lander?), this is one of my favourite episodes of the third series. Jarvik is cool, calm and oh-so-chauvinist, and more importantly not the standard one-dimensional lackey Servalan hires each week. Avon's subplot with the Sophron is brilliant, highlighting ever so slightly his personal agenda and it's great to see his appreciation for something new. Jarvik and Tarrant's fight is painful to watch, though the Jarvik/Dayna is awesome just for that pelvis thrust attack move. The shots of Servalan aboard the Liberator for the first time is worth the price of admission alone. Still, they really need to move away from the "Liberator falls into enemy hands" storyline as you know it'll all go pear shape at the end, and this episode has a shockingly bad way of doing it.
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