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Re: Supernatural Season 9 (Spoilers)

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Not subtle. Painfully forced.
How was it forced? One of the Ghostfacers wanted to leave their paranormal crap behind and start a normal life, and the other concocted a lie to keep him in the game. That's perfectly in character for Ed and Harry.
The problems the ghostfacers were going through, the Lies unveiled, were identical to Dean and Moose, which allowed Dean and Sam to see their own problems externally, the kick in the pants which forces them to work towards resolving their issues rather than letting it explode like the ghostfacers did.

If the Winchesters showed up a month earlier or a month later their "issues" would have been out of sync and then neither would have been helpful to the other.

The entire episode was therapy for Dean and Sam.

You didn't get that?

It was like looking into the future and seeing an Apocalypse.

Brotherly love soiled.

Road not taken.

Dean and Sam were given a WARNING to amend their ways before they evolve into the relationship the Ghost Facers had.

Dean has to stop lying, and Sam has to start believing that his brother is still not always lying to him.

Deus ex machina for fucks sake.
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