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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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yeah, whenever I saw one and was able I'd kronk them on the head - you never know when you might see them again.
The longer the show goes on the more it bothers me that they aren't all just slaying every walker they can. That they don't have a policy of complete genocide. Or "walkercide". They will never get anywhere till the population of walkers starts declining.
Again, it's probably emotionally taxing to kill walkers all of the time. It's one thing if they're an active threat it's another to go out of your way to do it.

Also using ranged weapons to do this means depleting your supply of ammunition and in the case of guns the noise can attract more walkers which could lead to bigger problems.

Using close-ranged combat and melee weapons brings with it the risk that your tactics might fail you and you get bitten by the walker or otherwise injured by it to the point of you being infected with the active strain of the walker disease.

I see it as being best to not kill unless you absolutely have to.

Even a few weeks ago Daryl was opposed to killing a walker outside the moonshine shack as it didn't pose any threat to them actively or, at the time, calling the attention of other nearby walkers. We've even seen him indifferent towards killing walkers that have been restrained in a manner to not making them a threat to anyone.

Why kill unless you really have to?
except that you aren't actually killing anything; they are already dead. You are killing the carrier of a pathogen.

They could set traps and then kill them with sticks. Lots of them are being killed without guns now anyway.
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