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Re: The Walking Dead Season 4

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yeah, whenever I saw one and was able I'd kronk them on the head - you never know when you might see them again.
The longer the show goes on the more it bothers me that they aren't all just slaying every walker they can. That they don't have a policy of complete genocide. Or "walkercide". They will never get anywhere till the population of walkers starts declining.
The theme of this season is hopelessness. Total elimination is impossible without a rebuilt society of some kind, which currently no one has. I'm feeling like everyone who leaves a walker alive does so for an internal reason, fear, weakness, weariness, hopelessness, etc... It's reasonable to see it. They're people, not an army

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Gotta put her down. In this world, not safe to keep her around, and no time/resources/safety to deal with her mental situation to 'cure' her.
Do you think Tyrese eventually came to that more logical conclusion at the end when Carol admitted to killing Karen in light of the fact he also witnessed her killing the girl?
I see Tyrese as being fully complicit & committed to that choice. He knew exactly what Carol meant at that dinner table. So, in a way he had no place to judge Carol for what she'd done to Karen. He's been in those shoes now, even if he didn't pull the trigger on Lizzie imself. Likewise, Carol had some humbling in her acts. I feel like she offered that gun to Tyrese as a way of saying "Maybe I deserve the same fate as Lizzie for what I've done"

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On this episode - this was IMO that best acted and best story arc in the whole series. Hats off to both Chad Coleman who plays Tyrese and Melissa McBride who plays Carol. They are as good if not better than Andy Lincoln in some respects.
I've been saying for quite some time that Melissa McBride is maybe the best actress they've had on the show all along. We are finally getting to really see it, & the 2 of them together were stellar this week
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