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Re: Cinematogrophy in season 5.

I think a darker version of Voyager was what they were going for that year, as evidenced by the story lines. I call that year the dark night of the soul, and everyone went through it in one form or another.

Janeway in "Night", B'Elanna in "Extreme Risk" & Juggernaut", Tuvok in "Gravity", Chakotay in "Fight", Seven in "Infinite Regress" & "Dark Frontier", Kim in "Timeless" & "Disease", Tom in "Thirty Days", the EMH in "Latent Image", Neelix in "Once Upon a Time".

Its like they (Voyager's crew) have finally come to the realization that this is their new reality, a trip of decades stretching ahead of them without a magical being to transport them home in a blink of an eye. Enough people have died that their own mortality is very much in danger.

Sure, they are nowhere near the dire straights the crew of the Equinox have found themselves in by year 5 of THEIR journey, but its bad enough to make our stalwart crew on the Voyager to ask... "Is this all there is?"
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