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Re: The early seasons :

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I think they went a little nuts when they realized how they could do big space battle scenes with CGI. It was nice to see the first few times, but it got repetitive for me.

I'm not that impressed with the TOS Remastered CGI scenes either. I think it's because I was messing around with that sort of thing myself in an animation program in 2000, though of course my efforts were more primitive.
Yeah, the novelty wears off quickly. At the end of the day, I want fun and engaging stories. All the CGI in the world won't save a movie or TV show if it doesn't sit on a solid foundation of good story telling. For me, the best thing about the TOS stuff is the crystal clear quality of the episodes now, with all of that color, and those sharp lines just bursting out of the screen. I get to enjoy one of my favorite series without worrying that it will fall into disrepair.

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