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Pixar is making The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3

Recently, we reported on Pixar Animation Studio’s progress when it came to bringing past classics back to theaters with 3D upgrades. The films of Brad Bird were in the spotlight, as Pixar was fashioning enhanced visions of The Incredibles and Ratatouille. That might have been the ideal time to reveal this new bit of news, but Disney decided to wait, to give it a little bot of breathing room.

Now it can be announced that sequels are underway for both the Incredibles and Cars franchises. The news was revealed at an annual stockholders’ meeting (and reported – amongst other places – on

So, we’re back in sequel land with Pixar, even as the studio toils away on original fare like Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur. There is reason to get excited. /Film confirms that original Incredibles director Bird is working on the story for the next chapter of the Parr family. I honestly have no idea why it took this long to get an Incredibles sequel off the ground. This first movie ENDS with a set up for the next adventure, if that’s the direction that Bird wants to go. Bring on the Underminer!
I'm surprised that it has taken Brad Bird so long to get started on the Incredibles 2, since we are right in the middle of the superhero film craze right now.

Don't really care about the Cars franchise, but I understand many little kids will disagree with me on that, and Disney makes a ton of money every year through merchandise sales.

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