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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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"The main story" is the chaos that spreads across Westeros during the timeframe of the series, its effect on the central characters, and what that reveals about human nature as constrained by medieval values and resources. It's not so tightly bound by the unity of action that we have to pick a particular narrative strand as the main one.
That's an interesting viewpoint, but it reduces Martin's work to the level of a Harry Turtledove series.
Actually, it's the idea that the series should boil down to a main story that's reductive. Life doesn't conform to "basic narrative structure;" in any context from individuals to nations, the conflicting interests of various players are colliding in disorganized ways all the time. Obviously a certain amount of contrivance is required to create a satisfying narrative around such disorder, but a strict hierarchy between a main story and subplots has more to do with heavy-handed authorial fiat than with useful observations about human behavior. Especially if the main story in question is stock fantasy boilerplate about plucky humanity and the malicious non-human creatures. My biggest worry about the endgame of the series is that the Others storyline is going to dump the things that make the series interesting (as epic fantasy goes; obviously this is entertainment with some literary elements, not literature) in favor of "Oh, how blind we were to participate in human drama, let's gather the mystical swords and slay the ice monsters."
Egg, I dreamed I was old.

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