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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

I got the impression that the mine field beyond Star One had been in place for some time, possibly even centuries.

I really like Power Play. Although Avon’s been a prisoner on his own ship before, it still feels like unfamiliar territory, and the addition of Tarrant spices things up. The only misstep is the final confrontation which isn’t well handled, and whilst Dayna convinces with a gun, she doesn’t look like she could really snap Mr Bronson’s neck. The B story following Vila and Cally is interesting, like you say Cally gets short shrift but though contrived it is a good way to get them both together and back to the Liberator. The actions of the people of Chenga disturbed me greatly as a child.

Volcano is only interesting for pairing Tarrant and Dayna for the first time, and they will continue to make for a good partnership right to the end. The pacifist civilisation is interesting but pretty horrible when you think about it.

As for the Liberator being no threat, I believe what Servalan says is that it isn’t an immediate threat without Blake, it’s still on her to do list though!
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