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Re: Orphan Black kept my Attention.

I apologize in advance if this sound immature, but I can't help it.

I was watching episode 3 tonight and man does Tatiana Maslany look so attractive as Sarah playing Beth. It's incredible how she changed playing this punk rocker to playing this young woman flirting with Raj trying to get up to speed on being a cop.

I was reminded of one of the reasons I gave up watching Agents of Shield tonight too. With Maslany, she's attractive, but she's written so well that it almost does come across as empowering (And Orange is the New Black had this too) for woman in the lead role, something TV needs more of. With AOS, I was distracted by Sky, as she was attractive but the actress wasn't all that great in the first place (And I stopped after the 3rd episode so I don't know if it got better).

This was the episode too that we meet Helena for the first time. Man did the clones come fast and furious at the start. 3 Episodes in and Maslany has 5 characters, all with unique distinct personalities. How the hell did she not even get nominated for the Emmy again? Yeah, ok maybe the plot leaves something to be desired (Personally, I love this story) but when you have a lead that is as talented as her, it makes a show like this a lot more worth it. Almost thinking about buying this series, and I don't buy much stuff in the first place.
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