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Re: Jolene Blalock on HGTV "Island Hunters"

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I was a bit surprised last night to see Jolene Blalock on HGTV's "Island Hunters". (It was a new episode dated 2014.)

She was introduced as a friend of a lady buying an island off the coast of Maine (price range limit $2M). She was only identified as Jolene. Her last name was not given and there was no mention of "Star Trek: Enterprise".

Strange and a surprise...
Funny! HGTV's web-site has a couple pics of the people in the episode:

The second pic definitely looks like Jolene. But, is the blonde in the first and second pic Jolene too (it's the same lady in both pics 'cause they have the same hairstyle and are wearing the same outfit in both photos)???

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