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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

This is great! Over the weekend I went on Netflix for the first time in a week or two to see if anything new had been added, to my surprise, I found Star Wars:The Clone Wars is there. I did not expect that at all. I have only seen a few episodes here and there over the years. I am usually working when it's on and for the past two years, I dropped my cable. I have cable now only recently and still never got around to watching the series. I didn't want to buy the blueray because of the money, but I have been interested in watching this. Having it on Netflix is great news. Over the past few days, I have been watching marathon runs of the show.

I'm only halfway through the first season, but I'm really loving it. It's really nice seeing the mix of the old style Star Wars with the prequels. This is what the prequels should have been like. They should have started with the Clone Wars and forget TPM. Also, this fleshes out Anakin's character better than the prequels as well. I'm so happy to be able to finally watch this series.

I do have a question though. Does anyone know where the writers get the proverbs at the opening of each episode? Do the writers make them up or are they from a specific source? They seem like sayings that Yoda would teach to the younglings or something.
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