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Timby, I really like all three photos. The DoF with the leaf really gives it character, but this:
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No Instagram filters, no Photoshop (outside of cropping and histogram correction), no Lightroom. The bokeh is captured entirely in-camera.
I just love it. It's a "classic" B&W photo. Kudos!

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How do you get your daughter so well-lit with the bright window behind her?
I actually cheated a bit with that particular photo. I shot it in evaluative metering mode so she turned out quite dark, but since I shot in RAW I was able to use Adobe Camera Raw to tweak it using a combination of Fill Light, Recovery, and boosted Blacks.

When I realized my error with the first couple of shots I switched to Partial metering mode and got a much better result which required very little tweaking.

Well, there's no arguing the results. Especially considering the two other photos you shared above (the dress and the cupcakes). You've got a good eye for lighting. I may have mentioned before that your photos have a kind of "Norman Rockwell" quality to them (if I didn't I should have), and these just reinforce that.

Tom Hendricks, looks like it was a blast (pun intended)! Those photos really capture the joy of the moment.
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