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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

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The mine field would have been put up after the last Andromedan invasion.

And before the first Andromedan war, even if it wasn't that long before the war, just because the Federation hadn't noticed them yet, the Andromedan's would have wandered around free and friendly... They could have colony worlds inside the Milkyway, or they would be working as fifth columns in secret on the Federation side of the antimatter minefield and had been waiting a hundred years for a call to arms.

Point is, they didn't have to get past the mine field if they were already there, but if they were already there, why did they need a punk like Travis to wedge a hole in the line?
As Orac proposed, a scout ship came through with a handful of Andromedans "some time in the past", and at some stage made contact with the Federation/Travis. They needed him to track down Star One as they didn't know where it was, and as that is where the minefield is being controlled from they couldn't launch their invasion until it was down.

Judging by what was happening on Star One they only found it within the last two months, as indicated by the issues on colony worlds at the start of the episode ("in the last 60 days"). Clearly the Andromedans were either;

- messing with systems to cause havoc
- messing with systems to find the way in to disable the minefield
- the fact the Star One humans had been killed and replaced then their responsibilities lapses and the colonies fell into disarray

I don't know if there was a war but the encounter clearly scared the Federation enough to put up a series of minefields around the galaxy.

Travis was using Blake to find Star One.
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