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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

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Well that confirms that everyone knows about Oz and how to deal with a witch.
Loved how Emma said, seriously she is real too.. lol

Think it was Grumpy that said "witch from the West gets a house drop on her and witch from the East gets a bucket of water"
That was a great line. Glad to see Rumple back too.
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If the WWOTW can break blood curses in the Enchanted Forest because she's the "big" sister, then why couldn't she do that in Storybrook?
She did, she escaped the office.

Loved this episode, a load of fun and how everyone is related.

"The Wicked Witch is real too?!?!"

"Coming the daughter of Snow White and Robin Hood".
I loved that line about Prince Charming and Snow White too!

It made me think of the time Wash in Firefly complained about something sounding too fantastic and his wife calmly reminded him they lived on a space ship.

I thought the WWOTW escaped the Mayor's office because Regina opened the door which broke the seal in Storybrook.

I just hope we can save the dwarves, et al who were turned into flying monkeys.

Am I the only one who thought Robin Hood was going to turn into the WWOTW last night?

Do we really think Snow sent the message to Hook to bring Emma back, and if she did it still begs the question about HOW he came to Storybrook, much less how he crossed the boundaries without losing his memory.
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