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Re: Krenim vs. Dept. of Temporal Investigations

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The TIC did have to deal with that. Captain Braxton refers to the events of that episode as "the temporal inversion in the Takara sector" - the TIC had to clean up the mess that Harry et al. caused.
What mess did they cause.....and what did Braxton have to do to clean it up?

Harry and Chakotay succeeded in restoring the timeline (they did the TIC's job for them) old Harry even sent a little message to young Harry at the end....even Janeway had a little peak at it) so i'm not sure how Braxton can claim they cleaned that up when...

1 - nothing needed to be cleaned up and
2 - if something did get cleaned up then why was old Harry still able to send a message to young Harry (not cleaned up very well i'd say)

Lets not forget, Braxton is suffering from temporal psychosis so he doesn't actually know his arse from his elbow....he' so messed up, he cant' even count

"(1)Thirty years of exile on twentieth century Earth. (2)The temporal inversion in the Takara sector! Three violations that I had to repair."
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