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Re: list of boyfriend rules

J. Allen wrote: View Post
You'd let me give you a chaste peck on the cheek, now wouldn't you Sector 7? /big-doe-eyes
Only for you, J.
Chemahkuu wrote: View Post
Sector 7 wrote: View Post
"put anyone else down".
You mean the part where you said that anyone who simply kissed at the end of the first date was only "in it for the sex" and dismissed any chance of them being interested in any other kind of relationship based on that one tiny token of affection?

It was absurd, somewhat offensive, judgemental and plain wrong. So yes he was quite right to call you out on it, as was anyone else participating in the thread.
You really should read my entire post. Speaking of judgmental, you should try reading your own posts. I'm done here.
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