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Did you daughter have a Mexican birthday party? I see the traditional dress and the sombrero cookies. Did she choose this? What's the story, just wondering. My son Aaron will be 4 in May, he keeps jumping from theme to theme for his birthday party. We're gonna have to get him locked down soon.
It originally started out as a Dora the Explorer party since she likes the show so much, but it slowly morphed into a fiesta theme instead. It was her idea to change the party to that theme too! My wife made the cookies as toppers for cupcakes and had the idea to present them in a sombrero. We also had a homemade pinata that my wife and daughter made together. All in all, the party was a big hit.

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How do you get your daughter so well-lit with the bright window behind her?
I actually cheated a bit with that particular photo. I shot it in evaluative metering mode so she turned out quite dark, but since I shot in RAW I was able to use Adobe Camera Raw to tweak it using a combination of Fill Light, Recovery, and boosted Blacks.

When I realized my error with the first couple of shots I switched to Partial metering mode and got a much better result which required very little tweaking.

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