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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

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I do wonder if they're going too far with the revelations pre-ROTS, though. Yoda is told there is another Skywalker, but doesn't tell anyone this until after ROTS?
Well, remember the context -- at this point, Luke and Leia haven't even been born yet. Probably this was in reference to Padme being pregnant (though I'm just guessing the timing allows for that).
I took that as a prediction of the future. In fact, it made me think that those beings might be the force ghosts for the Jedi we know behind the masks. So that was future Yoda ghost guiding himself how to become Yoda ghost.
I don't think so.

If anything I think these Priestesses are the most likely candidates to be the Whills, the mysterious alien beings whose Journal is suppose to be the basis for Star Wars.

We know that the Whills according to Qui-Gon in the scenes cut from the ROTS script first discovered how to be immortal within the Force (like these priestesses). It's also convenient of course the fact R2 was there with Yoda on the planet and according to Lucas he becomes one of the primary sources for the Journal.
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