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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

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I rather like the introduction of the midi-chlorians in Star Wars.
So do I. I love the analogy of the biological with the spiritual. Mitochondria in real life are amazing, thought-provoking things -- symbiotic organisms to which we owe our very existence, at once separate life forms and inseparable parts of ourselves. Without the energy -- the "life force" -- they provide, we couldn't exist. I think that introducing a more mystical analogue for the same thing -- symbionts on which living things depend for their connection to the spiritual force of the universe -- is a lovely idea, kind of poetic. It also ties nicely into the Eastern philosophical influences on Star Wars. In Western thought, the physical and the spiritual are seen as separate and mutually exclusive realms, so the idea of something spiritual/mystical having a biological component is strange to us; but in Eastern thought, the physical and the spiritual are aspects of the same thing. Blending Asian-style mysticism with modern cellular biology is really quite clever. I think it's one of the only truly imaginative and original things George Lucas has ever thought of.
Really well stated, Christopher, I feel the exact same way.
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