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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

Yes, as you can see from the screen grab below, the serum they use on Blonsky is labelled "Weapons Plus," which, in Grant Morrison's New X-Men was his attempt to tie Weapon X into the Super Solider Project. The "X" was never meant to be a letter, it was meant to be a Roman Numeral, showing that Wolverine was the 10th experiment in trying to create a super solider, as they started with homo-sapiens and expanded later on to homo-superior test subjects. The program was called "Weapons Plus."

I doubt we'll see more mention of "Weapons Plus," as I'm not sure who owns the trademark to that. I didn't mean in my post that tying the Hulk into the Super Soldier program would be a new idea, I meant tying the Alien into it, through Talbot, would be.
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