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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Six

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I just finished the season, so now I can read the thread...

I feel that, for an interrupted season, this worked quite well as a closing season for the series. The first two arcs were interesting conspiracy/thriller stories with dark endings, reinforcing the palpable sense of hopelessness of Episodes II & III as Palpatine manipulates everyone and consolidates his power. The Fives arc in particular worked very well as a paranoid thriller, and its inevitable tragic end was quite poignant. One of the best things about this series is that it took its title The Clone Wars to heart and actually made the series largely about the clones, making them as much central protagonists as any of the Jedi. And this was a great conclusion for the clones' arc. It reinforces their worth as people, and thus makes it more painful to know how Palpatine has used them as mere pawns in a game that we know he will win.

The Padme/Clovis arc wasn't as powerful, but it also played well into the arc of Palpatine's growing control, and it was a nice capper on the Anakin/Padme arc, forcing them to confront the problems of the relationship that's been pretty much simmering throughout the series while also foreshadowing the darker times that lie ahead. Few stories in this series have done a better job showcasing the potential for evil within Anakin.

The Mace/Jar-Jar 2-parter was a nice change of pace, lightening things up a bit, and it provided a satisfactory resolution to the Nightsisters' threat by evidently getting rid of Mother Talzin once and for all. And I liked the comic timing: Jar-Jar gets some action, and then we cut right to Mace saying "There is a great disturbance in the Force." Disturbing indeed...

And the Yoda arc made a really good series finale, as the Jedi finally begin to get a sense of the true manipulations behind the whole war and the foundations are laid for the future of the franchise. The finale of the Tartakovsky series led right into Episode III, but this finale foreshadows not only that, but the original trilogy as well (which makes it appropriate that they got Mark Hamill to play Darth Bane). Also nice to hear so much use of Williams's Yoda theme.

I'm curious about how far along these episodes were when the cancellation came. They've clearly had the opportunity to do some re-editing for Netflix, since at the points where it feels like there should be a fade to black for a commercial, we just get screen wipes or jump cuts. And the last episode's closing shot and alternate end title music was clearly a "made-for-finale" affair.
Agreed. Great way to end the series. I wonder how much of that was able to be tweaked once the cancellation was announced. Thinking about it now, Yoda's comments really play into his "wars not make one great" line to Luke when they first meet.
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