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Planetary Annihilation

Anyone here playing Planetary Annihilation?

If you don't know what it is, check it out.

If you ever played Total Annihilation or the Supreme Commander games, then you know what Planetary Annihilation is about. For the uninitiated, a summary:

This a real-time strategy game in which you control a Commander (basically a big mech/robot), build up a base, defend it, and attack your enemies. Unlike most RTS games, in PA you don't need the resources for building immediately. Instead, they are "streaming," meaning you need to manage the rate of your resource generation far more than worrying about the amount of resources you have from moment to moment.

The key to victory in PA is constant building. Generate more energy and metal, build more construction facilities, keep those construction facilities active at all times. Expand or die.

I bought this a few days ago and have played some rounds against the computer. I'm getting better. Last night, I had a well-defended base and was in the process of building an anti-nuke facility when the computer dropped a nuke on me. It destroyed almost my entire base and wiped out my construction facilities. Distraught, my Commander made a suicidal march into the enemy base to take out as many of the bastards as he could. Rest in peace, Commander.

Anyway, it's a lot of fun. It's designed mainly for online play, I think, but I'm not nearly good enough for that yet. I know one of the late game features are planetary thrusters, which are what you might imagine: giant rockets attached to a planet. What do you do with those? You smash a planet into another planet to destroy your enemies. I haven't gotten around to doing that yet, but it should be pretty awesome when I do.

So, anyone else playing this? I got it on sale for $30 but it may be hard to find at that price now. It is an early-access game but it recently exited beta so it's quite playable and complete. There's also an active modding community though I've not checked any of that out yet.
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