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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

Sadly not the last time Dayna will have Servalan in her sights and fail to pull the trigger!

Re Star One, glad you made the comment about Jenna, that bugs me every time I watch it. All I can figure is that Sally must have been having a problem with that bit of dialogue. But year Star One is pretty great. Not the best B7 episode in my humble opinion, but damn close to it. (in case anyone was wondering for me Rumours of Death is Blakes 7’s finest hour…well finest 50 minutes anyway). The trouble with the Big Finish full cast audio is that it drags the battle out too much, which I think sucks some of the drama out of it.

It’s interesting that the episode shows that Blake’s fanaticism has its limits, and in the end he’ll take the Federation as the lesser of two evils. Travis’ ‘final act’ has always seemed a bit curious to me. Firstly whilst he’s clearly a nutter, it’s a stretch to imagine he’d want to wipe out humanity, and secondly how the hell did he contact the Andromedans?
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