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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Later in issue two, we see a Betty "rape" a young modern day Hulk who had had his neck broken by the Maestro, to become a more perfect house guest.

Even a hulk penis going in is not larger than a baby coming out, and frankly if Gamma radiation is anything like steroids, Banners penis could shrink when the rest of him hulks out.

However, the pounding motion might powder bones, and the incredibly high pressure semen might be able to cut through oak for a while, so it's really a question of how considerate the Hulk is feeling.
Sometimes I think you are actually Garth Ennis in disguise.
Naw, he's our Brodie.

If anything Talbot will be like Sif, a way to reference the Avenger, without having to get them on the show. Perhaps they could tie the Blue Alien and the Hulk into the Super Soldier project. Rapid healing like that would be a useful thing for a Super Soldier.
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