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Re: Warlord and the lesbian kiss

Well david g I have long lost track of what was actually written and/or acted into a story and what I smuggled into the story in the service of wish fulfillment. But I'd like to see hard evidence of actual, deliberate writing or acting that was gay supportive or about gay issues in Voyager. We have Andrew Robinson's own words about how he played Garak for instance. Much as I will happily J/7 it up over the fireside scene, the pip scene etc.. I do not think that is what was meant by the either the writing or the acting. KM played it that way with everyone, she woos the people she interacts with and when one person is particularly special to her it's easy to see more to that wooing than how KM intended it. I'm the biggest LET'S MAKE EVERYTHING GAY GAY GAY fangirl evah but I do not think in the case of Voyager the happy subtext was deliberate.

And I'm watching Buffy atm (NO SPOILERS PLEASE) and there is regular old gay relationship right in the middle of every episode involving a main character during the same time VOY was on the air and it's really hard not to look at this and think "Star Trek, you suck"

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