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Re: Why don't they crash?

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If these spaceships are going faster than the speed of light, then presumably they're moving faster than it would take them to see upcoming stars.

So how come they never run into one?

Warp speed is supposed to be like ftl right?
Light emitted from the stars in times past does NOT have to catch up with the ship. The photons are already there, traveling between the stars.
STL or FTL, the ship will have no problems seeing them.
Hmm, got caught up on the whole actual speed and what it would be like (where even at maximum warp you still technically wouldn't see the stars streak by. They would look as static as they do now, perhaps moving a slight tad, the way the moon might move as we cruise along a hwy in a car)

This is a good point though. Assuming that the stars in front of you would get blueshifted, and the ones behind you redshifted, does that mean that at FTL travel, the stars in front would blueshift beyond the visible spectrum? And the ones behind redshift out of visual wavelength range as well?
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