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Re: Voyager Companion

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It's so inexcusable that a cash cow like Trek can't underwrite decent Companions for their series.
Each licensed tie-in is supposed to be self-supporting. Paramount/CBS should underwrite Simon & Schuster's publishing efforts?

If I recall correctly, the problem with the "DS9 Companion" was, despite it being a critical success, not enough bricks-'n'-mortar bookshops were game to order in many shelf copies of such a hefty tome, knowing that - at the time - TOS and TNG books waaaaaay outsold DS9 and VOY books. Oversized "trade" books simply take up too much room on the shelves, often don't have a fast turnaround (ie. more likely to sell at Christmas), get easily damaged when customers put them back roughly after browsing, and the overstocks aren't able to be returned (unlike mass market paperbacks).

I'm sure I recall the editors of the day saying that, unfortunately, the first printing was over-estimated, and thus still in-print years after the fact. Stock in warehouses was not being ordered by bookshops, even though second hand copies started commanding higher-than-retail figures. So it never got a second printing; demand simply wasn't there.
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