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Re: Warlord and the lesbian kiss

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Guy, I completely disagree, and your comment shows that you don't have much respect for the intelligence and creativity that VOY was capable of.
AE: Iím very much a fan of Star Trek but unfortunately none of the series ever included a gay character. You were involved with writing two of the movies and produced or executive produced for The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise. Can you speak to why that never happened?
BB: It was a shame for a lot of us that Ö Iím talking about the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and there was a constant back and forth about well how do we portray the spectrum of sexuality. There were people who felt very strongly that we should be showing casually, you know, just two guys together in the background in Ten Forward. At the time the decision was made not to do that and I think those same people would make a different decision now because I think, you know, that was 1989, well yeah about 89, 90, 91. I have no doubt that those same creative players wouldnít feel so hesitant to have, you know, have been squeamish about a decision like that.
You see what you want to see.

The ridiculous lengths the cult of true believers here go to to prove their fantastic claim that Janeway and Chakotay were always in love and always cow eyed looking at each other with bedroom eyes... Paddock eyes or stable eyes? I suppose a cow would only be in a stable if it was sick?

A lot of people see what they want to see.

I would jump on any opportunity for there to have been proof of homosexuality on Voyager but the closest they ever got was homophobia in Flesh and Blood when the Doctor expounded disgust at the thought of kissing another man.

Imagining that Voyager is prohomosexual only hurts homosexuality by telling lies that Voyager loves gays when really it's almost absolutely indifferent. That's like saying that the Klan loves Jews. You can say that all you want, but it's unlikely that the Klan has much admiration for the Jewish people in day to day practice.

I would have loved it if Voyager was progay in any way, but it wasn't and that's a demerit in my books that the series was a coward and backward and shouldn't be thought of as any other way as far as gay rights go.

Oh? Holographic rights = LGBT rights?


But I could see how many people might think that becuase they want their star trek to like their orientation and they are grasping at any fray than can, which is perhaps one of the ways that I thought that Voyager accidentally touched upon Gay Rights.

But it really, really wasn't about being gay in the 1990s.

POssibly it was about being gay in the 1890s, but how the frakk is that relevant to us an an audience?

Now if you want a Series that LOVES the Gays, may I suggest the fan series Star Trek Hidden Frontier, which has gay men and women, main cast members and supporting, in many ongoing and flash in the pan healthy and/or frivolous relationships without an once of stunt spectacle or freakshow about it. It's just something that happenes inbetween spaceship battles.

(It helps that the Producer, and half the cast were gay.)
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