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Re: Warlord and the lesbian kiss

Christopher, you seemed to be saying that VOY's being "TNG-lite" and formulaic contributed to its lack of exploration of LGBTQI subtext, in comparison to DS9. Is that not what you were saying? If I misunderstood, my apologies.

I would argue--as I have argued--that Trek explores queer themes allegorically. This does not excuse Trek for not exploring queer themes explicitly, but, nevertheless, the allegorical resonance of Trek's queer themes runs deep in my view. In terms of VOY, I see some fairly daring allegorical exploration of queer desire in "Faces," "The 37s," "Deadlock," "The Chute" (almost explicit here), "Warlord," "Blood Fever," "The Gift," "Demon," "Drone," "Dark Frontier," "Course: Oblivion," "Imperfection," "Flesh and Blood" I and II, "Endgame," to name a few, and many of the stand-alone Doctor episodes.
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