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Re: THE WOLVERINE - Reviews and Discussion Thread

So that means Jackman will be in Apocalypse also? Not that that would be even slightly surprising, obviously, but I haven't heard it confirmed elsewhere yet.

... I enjoyed this movie fine in the theater, but recently rewatched the first half and just couldn't be bothered to finish it. A poster on another board I frequent had this to say:
I wish that they made Mariko and Viper into one character. The film is, at its core, a film noir, and they could've played with the light/dark feminine tropes between her and Yukio.
I thought this was a great idea, as the Wolvie/Mariko dalliance, especially the second time around, was seriously weak sauce. Everything just feels so undercooked: why isn't Wolvie interested in getting old normally and eventually passing away, especially given his depression? And why does he leave Mariko at the end; just where is he going, and why? And I fear the real answers are: the love story is so bland because the filmmakers wanted to reference the comic arc but couldn't, for various continuity reasons, make a proper adaptation of it, and Wolvie leaves behind a shot at romantic bliss with Mariko so DOFP doesn't have to waste any time in dragging him out of retirement again. In other words: even though this movie was supposed to atone for the failures of Origins, its storytelling choices still weren't its own.
(Over at Half in the Bag, Mike explains why he actually enjoys the craptastic Origins more than the more proficient but less zany The Wolverine:
Jay: "This movie wasn't really about the plot."
Mike: "No, but it wasn't about anything else, either.")

... And though I dig Jackman and his Wolvie as much as anyone, I'm really starting to question whether he's interesting enough for a solo movie. The suppressed healing factor in this one was a good touch, but now that it's gone again... Not to mention we'll be seeing lots more of him in DOFP and probably Apocalypse also. So are we really interested in what happened in that two-year The Wolverine credits gap? Or will we be catching up with him in the late 80s again?
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