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You have a physicist at the helm, a navigator as chief engineer, and a computer scientist as first officer, but you draw the line at a security guard doing admin?
I'm just saying that it would be nice to see a yeoman portrayed as what a yeoman actually is, rather than making it a meaningless title for a character who's doing something entirely different.

Besides, none of your examples is equivalent to this. Sulu changed jobs from physicist to helmsman. Chekov changed jobs from navigator to engineer. And Spock is consistently addressed as both first officer and science officer. If you're not going to portray a character as an administrative aide at all, if you're just going to present her as another security guard, then just bloomin' call her a security guard, not a yeoman.
Then perhaps we're talking at cross purposes. I was suggesting that the yeoman be a security-trained crewman who changed jobs to be a yeoman.

The wider point I was trying to make was that astronomy to engineering (or security in the prime universe) is actually a bigger leap in terms of training because they are quite different disciplines. Being a yeoman would require a more limited skill set than being a starship engineer, and learning about administration on a starship is something that would be part of basic training. We also know that even in TOS, all the crew were trained astronauts, often featured performing tasks in multiple disciplines.

So, the yeomen would have to be trained in something else as well as admin - it makes sense to pick something that can contribute to the story in simple ways. Pick communications or helm and they are almost never going to contribute to the story e.g. Rand and Uhura's brief stints at helm and navigation in TOS. Pick engineering and it's likely they can contribute more often in a meaningful way. Pick security and they can contribute whenever they're joined to a landing party.

I do agree that I want the yeoman to be seen doing the job they're supposed to be doing but I would not want that to be all they did any more than I want Uhura just to answer the phone or Sulu just to fly the ship. I would like Rand to be developed into a modernised version of the character she was intended to be but that will only happen gradually if they feature her doing her job regularly.

As far as ethnicity goes, I'm not a fan of a stark one in, one out approach, where you replace one similar character for another (like Babylon 5 did from pilot to season one) but I am also not in favour of replacing characters of ethnic minorities with Caucasian characters unless the reverse is also happening elsewhere to keep the overall 'cast' balanced.
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