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Re: Helix - Ron Moore

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I thought the elevator scene would've worked better without the pan down to the bodies. Just exit the elevator with the blood on the walls, 'nuff said.
Yeah, that was ridiculous. Not because it was particularly gory (it wasn't), just because it was already clear what happened by the blood on the walls and the fact that no one else was standing in the elevator any more. I just thought that it was treating the audience as incredibly stupid to actually pan down to confirm that everyone was dead.

Just how many secret levels and bunkers does that place have anyway?
I said the same thing when Hatake mentioned a secret bunker, but then it turned out to be the "cabin" we had already seen, so it wasn't quite as bad as introducing yet another "lowest" level.

The "decoy" of the 250 snowmobile drones was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. So, what, is there just a ship or planes full of random snowmobile drones on the edge of the ice pack? That seems pointless. Plus, if the badass team of immortals had just parachuted onto the top of the base (as they did) without the decoy, they never would have set off the perimeter alarm to begin with, giving everyone a chance to evacuate or prepare. So much stupid on this show, yet I keep giving it a chance.
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