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Re: Veronica Mars Movie - Kickstarter

One thing to add on my argument. Most films are distributed digitally. I have a friend who used to manage an independent movie theater and she indicated that typically the price of a catalog title is fairly typically cheap. They send you a hard drive with the film on it usually around the reasonable price of $300. Let's assume that the licensing fee is a moot point as WB is handling the distribution and renting the theaters. A hard drive holding a digital file would cost about $150. Nonetheless, also let's assume that WB has at least 300 of these sitting around. I think it's a fair assumption. So, let's call that a wash. And just say it costs $50 to ship the movies to the theaters. So that's $14,550 for shipping to 291 theaters.

Veronica Mars is showing exclusively at the AMC theaters this weekend. Let's say that renting a theater for 2 hours is $500. Pretty reasonable. But also, assuming that it's going to 291 AMC screens probably would get them a bit of a discount. So let's assume $300 a screening. Let's then assume it shows five times a day per screen. For three days, that puts that cost at $1.3 million. And if they don't get a discount, that puts it at $2.2 million for 3 days. Then let's assume they spent $1 million on advertising. So, we are talking probably $2.3 to $3.2 million.

Also, the Kickstarter campaign was only asking for $2 million which tells me the overall price to make the film was fairly low. While they probably utilized more money towards production, getting $5.7 million probably took some of the money towards things like distribution, advertising and theater rental.

Granted... this is all assumption on my part.
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