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Re: Krenim vs. Dept. of Temporal Investigations


All he cared about was the wife.

If the wife was restored and 2 percent of the empire, he would have stopped.

There's this long con I heard about which seems clever.

You pick a hundred people that seem to be gamblers, then write a letter where you claim to be a psychic who can see the future, or something vague to that effect that's less actionable.

You post to half of them the results of the next big sports game. Half of them are told that team A will win, and the other half is told that team B will win.

Of the 25 that win, the next week you tell half of them that the next big sports game will be won by team A, and and the other half that team B will win.

Of the 12 that win, you do the same.

Of the 6 that win you do the same

So there's three people left, and you tell them than for 10 grand you will tell them next 5 weeks winners.

So for the price of 200 stamps, and a bit of time, you get $30,000.

I think that this is what happened with Annorax.

The weapon didn't create a new reality, it created an infinite number of mirror realities, but our story only decided to follow the distinct outcomes, of all the infinite realities that did eventuate, where the wife did not come back from oblivion, and no other Annorax or Annoraxes invented and deployed another weapon.
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