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Re: Veronica Mars Movie - Kickstarter

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Ultimately, wouldn't ever penny that came in on this be considered pure profit?
No because making the movie, putting it in theaters, and ads were all taken care of from WB and would have pst more than the 5.7 million.

There is a number in place that would make a sequel happen, and it's not a low number. The sequel would not be paid for by the fans so it needs to be shown that this is actually a franchise and not some one off fluke.
No snark intended, but where do you get your information on the advertising budget or the number needed for a sequel from? You're making claims with nothing to back it up and I don't necessarily believe it. A Forbes article states much differently, particularly for the advertising budget. As this is a lengthy article on the weekend box office, I'll just quote the relevant passage:

Forbes Article wrote:
The most interesting new release was of course the 291 screen release of Warner Bros.’ Veronica Mars movie. As you know, the film was a feature continuation of the beloved but poorly rated television show. The film version, coming seven years after the end of its third and final season, was funded mostly by hardcore fans using Kickstarter. The film actually debuted in 291 theaters and Video On Demand on the same day, unheard of for a major studio release. Warner had to rent out many of those theaters as the big chains generally don’t play movies that are available on VOD. I don’t have VOD numbers and may not for awhile, but the film’s theatrical release opened to $2 million, or just over a third of its $5.7 million budget.

With $1m on Friday, it’s arguably the least-shocking 2.0x multiplier in modern history. Maybe it has something vaguely resembling legs and gets to $6m, or maybe it’s the most front-loaded movie of all time and it’s done after today. It will be interesting to watch because, again, there is just no precedent for this. Of course, at least some of that $5.7m raised was “compensated” via digital downloads of the film, so that’s a sizable chunk of the VOD audience already accounted for. Again, this is a strange release, completely without precedent in box office history.

There just aren’t a lot of “film continuation of cancelled cult TV show funded directly by the fans and then given a limited theatrical release and same-day national VOD availability” examples to compare this to. Those who wanted to this got the movie they wanted. Aside from complaints about investors being unable to access their digital copy via Warner Bros.’ flawed Flixter program (Warner will refund those who gave up and bought the film elsewhere), this was an unmitigated success for the fans and for the investors. Warner Bros. barely spent a dime on advertising, and yet they will still reap most of the profits. For what it’s worth, considering how many fans already bought the film digitally, Warner better make sure the blu-ray is crammed with special features.
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