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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

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Although as someone mentioned upthread, it could be Lilly that's dying, that would warrant a similar reaction from Ted. At this point it seems too obvious that it could be the Mother thats dying, which could be a big head fake to the character that we've known for so long.
I originally didn't think Lily could be the character Ted is sad about, however with the additional information we've been given last week about Lily now having a daughter, that does add credence to the suggestion.

I wonder if that was their intention? To delay the information about Lily being pregnant until after we've been hit with the "some female will die in the future" possibility?

I don't think the Mother will be dead, because I don't think they would do that to Ted... it would really kill the replay value of the show. Lily on the other hand, while she's beloved, she's not the Mother.

*Note: I have not and will not click the spoiler link above. At least not until the finale has aired.
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