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Charlie X Is Incredibly Brave

I had Trek on last night for background noise and I was playing Charlie X. My wife declared her desire for snack so we sat and ate popcorn chicken and watched the tail end before picking something to watch together. As I watched I realized something.

The bit towards the end where the pain on Kirk's face is evident as he realizes that he cannot fix the problem. The Thrasians are right that the Charlie problem is only going to get worse, at the same time he is essentially condemning a fellow human to a life of isolation. And he can so no way of making things come out right. In essence the white heterosexual young male lead the hero of a 1960's American prime time network television show... FAILS.

And it won't be the last time either. While to be sure Kirk doesn't fail often, from time to time there are situations where it is shown that he just doesn't have the ability to craft a resolution that is truly "best". In some cases he isn't even able to manage, pretty good.

To me that's pretty fucking brave at a time when the expectation was that the "hero" would always have all the answers regardless of the circumstances.
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