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Star Trek TOS Set Construction

There are currently 3 different TOS bridges in the US.

Star Trek Phase II - The most complete bridge. James Cawley has been a meticulous scholar of TOS and the bridge reflects this. The Phase II team totally rebuilt the port side of the bridge a few years ago and the plan is to rebuild the starboard side now that the bridge has been moved to the new 11.000 sf facility.

Starbase Studios - The old Exeter bridge was rebuilt by the Ajax team and is now being used by multiple productions. My buddy Scott Johnson is one of the partners and these guys truly love preserving these sets and helping others use them (for free!).

Farragut - John Broughton's Farragut bridge was built and the rest of the sets expanded when multi-millionaire Steve Dengler joined John and the Star Trek Continues team. I believe their bridge is less than a complete 360 degress, but that is because John realizes that you only need what you will shoot!

The problem is that Phase II and Farragut are on the East Coast and Starbase Studios is Oklahoma.

So Star Trek: Axanar is happy to announce that we will be building a full size TOS bridge in Los Angeles. This bridge will be built to be able to be swapped between a TOS bridge and a USS Ares (The Axanar main ship) bridge. The Ares represents a ship that is 20 years earlier than TOS.

The museum exhibition company I am consulting for has a 45,000sf facility in Valencia (30 minutes north of Hollywood), and a complete shop facility. The shop foreman built the Kelvin, Kobayashi Maru and Enterprise sets for JJ Trek and was on Star Trek, working for Herman Zimmerman, for 15 years.

So if you are interested in helping any way (supplying reference material, building etc.) please let me know!

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