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Re: Where do I start?

Finished The Green Death last night. It was alright. I'm starting to notice a formula in their writing but it's still good.

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The Brigadier became a dumbass whose primary role was muscle, nothing else, culminating in some excrutiating Idiot Ball moments in The Three Doctors where he can't believe he's landed on an alien planet. Sgt Benton gradually turned into comic relief, going from the Brig's right-hand-man to being that guy who wears a nappy for the Everybody Laughs ending of The Time Monster. And Jo Grant was Barry's antidote for smart intelligent Liz Shaw: Jo is a dumb broad, whose primary role is to make the tea and ask the Doctor lots of probing questions. Oh, and she got into UNIT via nepotism rather than on merit (her uncle in the U.N. arranged for her to be assigned).

Seriously, these guys are Earth's first line of defense?
I noticed that. The Brigadier has become idiotic compared to the first time I saw him.
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