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Rare Photos: March & April 2014

It's 7:49 AM on a Saturday as I'm posting this, which could mean only one thing: I didn't sleep last night! Because I am not a morning person, thus the only reason I'd ever be up at such an awful time of day is if I'd yet to be to bed.

Anyway, here be the latest bag o' goodies -- oh, and a good note! I got a hold of about 2 or 3 dozen new rare Voyager photos. So that helps with future editions. Now if only I could do likewise for DS9 and Enterprise...


1st Row, Left: I... don't know if I want to know what's going on between Phlox and T'Pol behind the scenes here...
Row 2, Left: To quote Will Riker, "Best poker face I've ever seen."
Row 4, Right: "What do you mean you're not going to sing along with me in this scene?"
Row 5, Left: A flirty Bill Shatner on the V'GER set.

Which do you like?

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