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Re: Voyager Companion

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Why did VOY get such a poor "Companion" book? There is no critical analysis of any of the episodes. There is scant to no commentary from the creators about their intentions or reactions to finished episodes. The DS9 Companion is excellent, and the TOS and TNG Companions very good as well. The VOY "Companion" seems to have been written by a software program.
The author of the "DS9 Companion", Terry J Erdmann, is the husband of Paula Block, who vetted all tie-in manuscripts for Viacom/Paramount/CBS over many years. He had access to the writers and cast for the full seven years of production, and kept compiling bits as the years rolled on, possibly long before a book deal was secured. The author of the "VOY Companion", Paul Ruditis, had to play catch-up.

Sadly, the DS9 Companion didn't sell all that well, I understand, so expectations for a VOY Companion, a show with even lower ratings, were not set as high.
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