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Re: How I Met Your Mother: The Final Season

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I really and truly hope and ask that everyone is really careful with spoilers in this thread. I absolutely don't want to be spoiled accidentally. Please everyone be careful and considerate.
Ted was dead the entire show! Marshall's last words, "Rosebud," were in reference to his childhood sled! Lily was Keyser Söze! After an intense laser tag/sword fight, Marvin learns Barney was his real father. Robin is Tyler Durden!

Can't help notice your post came after mine, I hope that's just coincidence and I didn't spoil anything for you! If so, I apologize. But not about the above spoilers, they were all obvious, if you think about it. Especially while "eating" a "sandwich" (the "sandwiches" they "ate" that Ted was always referring to instead of a certain controversial drug, were made of people!).
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