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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Seriously? With 24 hours of programming available, Cartoon Network can't find a place anywhere to squeeze in the last 15 episodes? Is the umpteenth rerun of Adventure Time (whatever the hell that is) really going to pull in a massively better rating than a new episode of BTB?

I was not all that terribly attached to the show, but it's still bizarre to me why some of these decisions get made the way they do.
They used to burn off those episodes at some point. I wonder if now if unaired episodes makes the content more lucrative to the secondary markets like Blu-Ray and Netflix.

I would point out that Cartoon Network is split between CN and Toonami/Adult Swim so they don't have the full 24 hours exactly. I know it's all arbitrary in one sense but the two divisions are handled and treated separately internally. I don't think the CN side could decide to burn them at midnight without working with the Adult Swim side, for example.

I don't understand their scheduling decisions either. Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated would have new episodes shown at 2PM weekdays with so little notice the DVR guide and TV listing sites wouldn't even register they were airing. Green Lantern was replaced with a rerun one week where the showrunner only heard about it from Twitter (this after doing a USA Today interview promoting the episode). GL and Young Justice were later yanked in a similarly unceremonious manner.

I understand business is business but I wonder if at some point hosing loyal viewers and creators won't come back to bite them at some point. It's not so much that the shows get canceled but the way it happens. Maybe for the young male audience they want it doesn't matter?

Spike pulled Blade: The Series for the same reason, it was doing OK rating wise but it was too popular with women.
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