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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Seriously? With 24 hours of programming available, Cartoon Network can't find a place anywhere to squeeze in the last 15 episodes? Is the umpteenth rerun of Adventure Time (whatever the hell that is) really going to pull in a massively better rating than a new episode of BTB?
By the narrowly targeted standards CN uses, yes. I discussed above how their thinking works these days -- how they only want to appeal to young boys and will cancel any show that appeals to older viewers or girls, even if its ratings are strong. Their advertisers target young boys, so high ratings among other demographics don't matter if those advertisers aren't moving their product. Of course, why CN doesn't just, oh, get other advertisers that are willing to market to older boys and female viewers remains a mystery. They're shooting themselves in the foot by alienating whole categories of viewers, shrinking their audience base to fit their advertisers rather than growing their advertiser base to fit their audience. But that's their policy, and that's why they don't want older-skewing shows like BtB on their network anymore.
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