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Re: why is star trek original series disliked

Personally I wonder why it's so well liked, not disliked...

But to answer the question of why don't people like it":

I've seen the 5 series, and I found TOS the worst by far. I have respect for it in that without it there wouldn't have been any of the other four series. But most of the stories are grotesquely obvious, the morals are shaky at best (and very different from later ST, since the "Prime Directive" doesn't really seem to exist, the sexism is vomit-inducing, etc...). I find Cpt Kirk to be especially detestable, thick headed and narrow-minded. I also dislike the complete lack of any kind of story arc, etc.

As to MY question of why people like it, I figure that...
It was the one that started it all. It was a good first try, a good blueprint that was much improved upon later on. It has all the elements that allowed later series to be successful. However it's the one that most people have seen FIRST - and there's a well known cognitive bias which pushes people to prefer that which they've experienced (seen, tasted, heard...) first. So I get it and I don't judge (btw, TOS is the last series I've seen, so the cognitive bias works the other way with me).
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