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Sailor Moon Crystal

Hey, any Sailor Moon fans here?

A new anime has been worked on for quite some time, it will finally start in July, Toei recently released the title and the first artwork, so here's the first look at the new version of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal.

I'm happy with the character design, much closer to the manga this time, especially with the details of the costume like her brooch and choker.

They'll obviously do the Dark Kingdom arc first but there's no dounbt that they'll do the other arcs if the show is successful enough, I hope they can do the "Dream" arc, it's very good in the manga but the anime adaptation for "Sailor Moon SuperS" suffered from too much focus on Chibiusa and the removal of the outer senshi.

Generally I hope that the new anime sticks closer to the manga's plot but keeps the better characterization from the first anime, almost every villain was disposable in the manga, the anime gave them personalities and made them memorable.
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