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Re: Did Denise Crosby Lobby for Sela to Appear on DS9?

Clark Terrell wrote: View Post
... She also tried to get a part in Nemesis. I don't know much more than that, though.
I remember when NEM was still in production, the page for it at listed everyone who was alive and had worn pointy ears for the franchise as bein' in the movie.

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that she would call someone whenever something about Romulans came up, but I don't think she could have kept up with the cast of DS9. I do wish she had shown up in NEM, though, since it was the last TNG movie. And it would have supported my own theory that the Romulans were workin' off of the alternate reality intelligence provided by Tasha Yar after she was taken prisoner thanks to the events of TNG 'Yesterday's Enterprise'. Why else would they have targeted the captain of deep space exploration specifically if they didn't think he would become the captain of the most powerful warship in Starfleet?
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